2015: What a year! Thanks to everyone who supported CCMB

CCMB would like to give thanks to the following people, and businesses for their support over the past year; by the way, if you click the logos it will take you to their webpage or Facebook!

Darren Borg and the Team at Diztek. Dizzy has backed CCMB from the get go, and has provided the anglers with plenty of good bream lollies and merch without ever asking for anything other than a plug of the gear and a thanks very much. Champion effort, CCMB salutes you! Anyone who chases bream will most likely have one of Diztek’s FB’s in their trays, if you don’t have one or 5 of these sick little gumball shaped bream lollies in your trays then go and get some. They smash fish and with the addition of the new square bill deep model you can be sure that you will be seeing some quality fish popping up with these lures in their gobs.


http://www.diztek.com.au     http://www.facebook.com/diztek

James Kilpatrick and the team at HWS. HWS is an important supporter when it comes to the kayak side of things, both for myself and the guys that participate. With his genuine nature and willingness to provide support where required James has done some good things for CCMB in the past 18 months and it is appreciated. Cheers! I could go on and on about the range of stuff that James stocks but I will let his blurb do the talking!

At HWS we are the Hobie kayak professionals. Our Belmont, Lake Macquarie showroom has the complete range of Hobie Kayaks on display. Our staff are all Hobie trained and use the products they sell.

HWS stocks the complete range of Hobie Kayaking and Fishing Accessories. HWS also stocks Hobie (SUP) stand up paddle boards, Lowrance Electronics, Scotty Mounts, Railblaza, RAM Mounts, Hummingbird, Lavacore Clothing, Yakattack, Rhino Roofracks, Solution, and Sea to Summit.

Come and take a ride in one of our Demo fleet, Being so close to lake makes demos a breeze! Available by appointment just give us a call or fill out contact form to arrange a time.




The four supporting stores in the area along with the online store, and the owners and team members who have helped CCMB provide quality product to the anglers while reducing the strain on my wallet. These little outfits are the lifeblood of the sportsfishing product distribution network, and without competition coming from these guys the corporate behemoths would take over and you would have the illusion of choice when it comes to what you want to see on the shelves. So do them, and Australian small business a favour and get into their stores and spend local;

In no particular order CCMB would like to thank – Aaron & Teneille Flipp @ Toronto Bait n Tackle, Eddy and Jake @ BP Bait n Tackle Lake Munmorah, Adam Costa @ Fishin.com.au, Mark and Shay Ferguson @ Bass n Bream Tackle Morisset and Aaron & Jack @ Freddys Erina. Each of these store owners/managers did not have to give me a discount on gear, and not once have any of them grumbled if I pushed them for some freebies, extras or just more product to give to you guys that compete in CCMB. Cheers!!!

http://bass-n-breamtackle.com/  –  http://www.facebook.com/bassnbreamtackle

http://www.fishin.com.au   –   http://www.facebook.com/fishincomau



Morisset BassnBream

Freddys_Logofishin com au banner_Yellow1torontobaitntackle

Chris Gates & Tim Staunton @ Berkley/Pure Fishing. To get Berkley onboard as a supporter was a real bonus for CCMB and you anglers, and it is a credit to Chris that he took a gamble and backed the series. Thanks for your support and all the goodies for the anglers Chris, champion effort. And thanks for showing up at the rounds guys, and your fantastic show of sportsmanship at Rd 3!


Josh and Kate at Samaki & Ecooda. Getting Josh to jump onboard was a challenge, but after a year of persistence and pestering we finally have Samaki and Ecooda as sponsors for the series. And given that these companies were conceived by a Central Coast local, and are now raging beasts in the industry, it is fitting that CCMB is able to provide the anglers with quality gear from a quality locally owned business. Thanks for your gamble Josh and Kate, CCMB hopes to be able to provide a definitive vehicle to get your gear out to a whole new demographic of anglers!

http://www.facebook.com/samakifishing    –    http://www.facebook.com/ecooda     –   http://www.instagram.com/samakifishing



Frank Cinquegrana and the team at Tonic Eyewear. CCMB has been waiting for an eyewear company to give us the time of day for a while now, and after a couple of years of brushoffs CCMB is finally happy to say that Tonic Eyewear will be the official eyewear sponsor of the Central Coast Mini Bucks series in 2016, and hopefully for the duration of the series. Tonic has a long history in the watersports oriented eyewear industry, and when Doug Phillips started Tonic back in 2011 he had a mission to provide 100% quality optical spec lenses in a range of comfortable frames, at a price that doesn’t break the proverbial bank. Since then Tonic has refined their range and utilised modern manufacturing processes to provide what are arguably some of the best fishing sunnies on the market, hands down no arguments. CCMB would like to extend their gratitude to Frank and the team at Tonic Eyewear for their support and look forward to working with them into the future.

http://instagram.com/toniceyewear    –  http://www.facebook.com/toniceyewear

Tonic Colour WB (H)

These smaller operators and businesses that follow have helped CCMB and myself somewhere along the line, either by offering very cost effective prices for services, or by donating or offering vouchers for services to the anglers. Every one of the people who own these businesses are genuine, honest and hard working local people who deliver quality goods and services at competitive prices. They rely on you to survive, so if you need something that they might have or can offer you then please, by all means, go and see them. CCMB would like to thank:

Fred and Roseanna at Metal Market Morisset – https://www.facebook.com/Metalmarketmorisset

Need something fabbed up? Trailer repairs? Custom artwork? Steel for a project? You name it, if it can be welded, built or is anything metal then Fred, Roseanna and the team at MMM can braise, bend, cut or weld it. Buy where the tradesmen buy. Go and see them if you are in the area, and tell them where you heard of them!


Col and Michelle at Newcastle Custom Signs: Your signs are our business!  –


Col and Michelle specialise in signage from traditional, to computer cut lettering and graphics. Their aim is to meet the high standards required by their clients by using the highest quality Avery, Arlon and 3M vinyl for long life expectancy and is available in a wide range of colours in High Gloss, Matte and Metallics. NCS provide signage for :

Vehicles – Shopfronts – A-Frames and much more. Newcastle Custom Signs

Danny and Dale at Moores Meats Morisset. These guys provide CCMB with the meat for the bbq after the events. As my local butchers I give them all the credit for keeping me a little more rotund than I would like, but when you have the best of the Hunter Valleys produce for sale I can hardly blame them. Support your local butcher, not the corporate beasts. At least you know you are getting quality produce, while the primary producer is receiving the best possible money for their livestock at the market. Cheers guys!

mooresmeatsDora St Morisset.

Rendall and Brenton at Imaage Morisset. Imaage provide superior print services at amazingly competitive prices. Imaage also supplies trophies, photo crystals, canvas prints of any size, memorials and a lot more. If you need print services or anything else mentioned I highly recommend giving them a call. Thanks to Imaage for everything so far, CCMB looks forward to doing business with you in the future. https://imaage.com.au/

Ray Leahy and the team at Uncle Rays Boating Warehouse. Uncle Rays is located right next door to HWS at Belmont. Ray supplies the best stock in chandlery, yachting supplies, on water safety and loads more. If you need stuff for your boat, then give them the option to get your business. Uncle Rays provides CCMB and the anglers with a voucher for product or services every round, and we cannot thank them enough for their generosity. Like their FB, and if you happen to be in the area stop in and say hello.

Uncle Rays Banner


CCMB has a few new sponsors coming onboard for 2016, and we are excited to say that some of them will be a surprise to say the least!

Last but not least, CCMB and myself want to thank every single angler that made the effort to turn up to a round this year, and since 2012 when it became a semi serious idea. Shout outs go to these guys who have been either coming to the rounds since the get go, or have helped out along the way. If I have forgotten you and you deserve to be included, it’s not intentional, i’m getting old and it’s not my fault!

Bryce and Humphrey Poole, Aaron Lea and Chris Richardson from Central Coast Fishing dot com. (Original CCMB OG’s, creators of centralcoastfishing.com and total all round legendary nice blokes)

Glenn and Warren Allen (Four year veterans and CCMB OG’s!)

Bryce Beechey (CCMB OG who floated the idea way back in early 2011)

Jason Meech (Four year veteran and CCMB OG)

Dave and Don Packham (Four year veterans, total legends and CCMB OG’s)

Matt Morton (CCMB OG to the max! Come back to the bream game!!!)

Darren Georgeston (CCMB OG and all round bream catching legend)

Shane Ferris (CCMB Veteran and OG to the max)

Neil Roberts (All round top bloke, behind the scenes legend)

Mark Young (CCMB OG)

Brad Turner (CCMB supporter in 2012, where has he gone?)

Rick Delaney (LMC OG, CCMB supporter)

Luke Van Brandwyk (Behind the scenes legend and all round funny guy)

Sean O’Hagan (CCMB OG)

Pat Mcquarrie (CCMB OG, where has he gone?)

Ronnie Sonter (CCMB OG)

Dave Hedge (CCMB OG)



Cheers blokes, thanks for supporting this series, you might not make it to every round but you make it when you can and that is what counts!



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